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wb16.10.2017 – Year 3B!


Welcome to our weekly blog!

This week we finally finished our non-chronological reports and presented them beautifully! The children included headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, ‘Did you know?’ boxes, images and captions. Next week we are going to film them in the style of news reports using the green screen to create different backdrops!

In Maths, we began our week rounding up and down to the nearest 10 and 100. We then moved on to subtracting 2 and 3-digit numbers using counting on to help us.

Our topic lessons this week focused on Stone Age tools and what they were used for all those thousands of years ago. The children then presented their findings in a layout of their own choice and they look lovely in their books.

Next week is assessment week and the children will be completing several tests to assess where the children are at this point in the year. The tests are nothing to worry about, but are just to see where the next steps for the children are.

Star of the week!

Ben: For great collaboration skills, and showing resilience when tackling new challenges! Well done!

House Point Winner!

This week team Passion were our winning team!

Building work!

As you know, the building work on our classroom has begun and we already have two brand new walls! Our carpet has been ripped up and next week, our interactive whiteboard will be mounted onto the wall so it’s all very exciting! I will keep updating you on how our room is progressing!


– Spellings: Practice and write into sentences
– Maths: Rounding up and down to the nearest 10 and 100

If homework is brought back on a Monday morning, the children get two Championship Points!

Halloween Disco!

Next Thursday is our disco, 5pm-6pm. I can’t wait to see all of your fantastic costumes – I hope none of them are too scary!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Andrew 🙂

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wb09.10.17 – Year 3b!


Hi everyone, welcome to our weekly blog!

In English the children have done a marvellous job at researching and writing paragraphs for their non-chronological reports! They have generated their own headings and sub-headings and are now ready to create their own ‘Did you know?’ boxes and add photographs and captions! We can’t wait to see the end product later on next week when the children will be using the green screen to record their reports in the style of newsreaders – exciting!

In Maths, the children completed their work on converting analogue to digital time before moving on to looking more in depth at 3D shapes and their properties.

In topic, the children looked at a range of different artefacts from the Stone Age and wrote about what they were and what they may have been used for. They presented their findings in their topic books using a layout of their choice and i’ve got to say, they look brilliant!

Learning Hero of the week: Sadie – For using her collabortaion and absorption muscles to write some amazing, intriguing paragraphs about Stone Age daily life.

House Point Winners: Team Respect!


We are really lucky to be the first classroom involved in the renovation project which means from Monday, our classroom will be in the porta-cabins for the next 2 weeks. Our classroom had to be totally emptied and the children were really great during this time! Our room is going to be completely transformed with new walls, display boards, tables, chairs and carpets. Our interactive whiteboard is going to be mounted onto the wall and we will have brand new whiteboards on either side! Children should be dropped off and collected from the porta-cabins for the next 2 weeks then after the October half term, we will be back in the main building in our brand new class! We can’t wait!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Miss Andrew 🙂

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wb:02.10.2017 – Year 3b!


Hi everyone! Welcome to another week in Year 3b and what a week it’s been!

In English we have been tasked by Professor Blake from the History Museum in London to help him write some new reports to go alongside his Stone Age artefacts. His section of the museum was robbed!!! And it’s our job to save the day by writing some new reports! We began by looking at non-chronological reports and their features, before rearranging some reports that the naughty burglars had cut up! The children were brilliant at sorting the headings with the correct sub-headings and paragraphs. Next week, we will move on to write our own!

In Maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties! We’ve had fun getting practical, constructing our own 3D shapes using rainbow drops and cocktail sticks. We then described their properties using language including edges, faces and vertices.

In topic, we have studied cave paintings that were found deep down in the homes of Stone Age people. We learned about how they created their art resources to use before creating our own. The results were amazing and the children took such time and care. You can see some of the examples on our Twitter page.

Star of the week!

Charlie: For brilliant questioning and reasoning skills in Maths when doubling and halving some challenging numbers.

House Point Winners!

Team Passion won this week!

Next week, we are really lucky to have a famous Olympian coming to lead our assembly! This will take place on Monday and we are all very excited!

Remember! Swimming kits are needed every Monday and PE kits are needed on a Tuesday ad Friday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂

Miss Andrew

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wb:25.09.17 – Year 3b!


In English this week, the children delved deeper into character descriptions, looking at WAGOLLs before picking apart the language features including verbs paired with adverbs, ING openers and expanded noun phrases. They then wrote their very own description of Ug, the main character from our Power of Reading text and the outcomes were amazing!

In Maths, we moved on to multiplying and looked at our 3 and 4 times tables. The children solved missing number problems and used the inverse operation to make sure they had the correct answer.

In topic the children worked in teams to order events chronologically on a timeline of the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. They then discussed each event and why they had placed it on the timeline using vocabulary such as ‘source’ and ‘evidence’. The children also looked further into the UK on a map and compared it to a map from thousands of years ago when Doggerland existed!

Star of the week!

Jessie: For using her absorption muscle to write an amazing character description, including all of her success criteria! Well done!

House Point Winners!

Team Passion won this week for earning the most championship points!

PE and swimming!

We still have children forgetting to bring in their kits for PE and swimming! Please remember we have our PE sessions on a Tuesday morning and a Friday morning. Swimming kits must be brought and should include a suitable swimsuit, plus towel. Jewellery MUST be removed before coming to school on Mondays, ready for our afternoon swim session.

See you all next week,

Miss Andrew 🙂

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wb: 18.09.17 – Year 3b!


This week in English the children looked at the features of a diary entry, before delving deeper into the language and sentence types that are used. They then wrote their own from the perspective of our main character, Ug. They were brilliant to read and I could tell the children had listened really carefully to what success criteria they were to include.

In Maths, the children have been working on number problems using their adding and subtracting skills. This proved quite tricky at the start of the week but the children persevered until they got it!

Our topic lessons this week focused on what we already know about the Stone Age and what we want to find out. The children worked in teams to generate some really thoughtful questions – we can’t wait to discover the answers!

Star of the week!

Jack – For showing great determination in Maths and always wanting to get himself to the next challenge!

House Point winners!

Honesty this week, well done!

Please remember that we have swimming every Monday and the children must bring their full swimming kit including a suitable swimming costume or trunks and a towel.

PE is on a Tuesday morning and a Friday afternoon so kits are also needed on these days.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Andrew 🙂

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wb11.09.2017 – Year 3b!


A brilliant second week in Year 3 has seen us delve deeper into our focus text ‘Ug – Boy Genius of the Stone Age’ where we have written our own character descriptions about Ug, as well as looking at Ug’s daily life and comparing it with our own.

We have worked really hard in Maths this week, learning about place value before using this knowledge to help us add 2 and 3 digit numbers. Some of us even challenged ourselves with 4 digit – amazing!

In topic we have started looking at the geographical features of the UK and Europe during the Stone Age on a map and have begun learning about their daily life including clothing, homes, food and environment.

Learning Hero of the week!

Lottie – For great collaboration during lessons and showing great resilience while challenging herself in Maths.

Championship Winners!

Nicole and Max made it to the very top of our board this week! Well done you two!

Swimming and PE!

Just a reminder that we have PE on a Tuesday morning with our Activate coach, then again on a Friday morning with Mr Smith. It is really important that the children have their full PE kits on both these days.

Swimming is every Monday afternoon and the children must bring a full swimming kit, including swimming costume, swimming trunks and a towel. Girls are also required to wear a swimming cap which can be purchased from the swimming pool at a cost of £4. It is also important that girls take our ear rings before they come to school on a Monday – this saves time when we get to the pool.


We hand homework out every Friday for the children to complete over the weekend. This week the children have spellings and times tables homework. Homework is due in on Mondays and children who bring it in on this day will receive two Championship Points! The children who complete the extra challenge provided in their homework books will also achieve five more Championship Points! A total of SEVEN up for grabs all on Monday morning!

I am really enjoying time with my new class and look forward to another hard working week!

Miss Andrew 🙂

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Brilliant start to the year in 3B!


A very warm welcome to our blog! Here you will find weekly updates of what we’ve been up to in Year 3B!

Our new term has started of brilliantly and it was lovely to meet so many of you on Wednesday when bringing the children to class! The children have taken the transition from Y2 to Y3 in their stride and have settled seamlessly into our new rules and routines! The children have already earned themselves SIX gold cards and countless Championship Points which is fantastic – I think theyre starting as they wish to go on!

In English, we are inspiring the children to become writers using our focus text ‘Ug – Boy Genius of the Stone Age’ by Raymond Briggs. This text of course, links to our new topic ‘The Stone Age’ and teaches the children about this time period through the art of fiction. This week the children have read their new book, generated questions about it and given opinions and reasons why they liked or didn’t like the book! (Thankfully we all liked it!)

In Maths, the children have been recapping on their number bonds to 10 and 100 before using these skills to add and subtract. I have been really impressed with the children’s resilience in this area.

Our new topic is ‘The Stone Age’ and the children have enjoyed absorbing themselves in their learning, reading books and using the atlases to compare what the land used to look like millions of years ago.

Championship Winner!

This week Harry made it to the top of our chart – well done!

Freddy Frog!

At the end of each day, a different child will take Freddy Frog home for the night. The children are chosen for displaying our 3P’s (Pride, Politeness, Positivity). This week, Rhianen took him home for taking pride in her Maths work, Donny took him home for always being polite and Harry took him home for showing great positivity.

PE and swimming!

In Y3, the children have PE on a Wednesday and Friday so will need their kits for both days.

Every Monday afternoon we go swimming and the children will need to bring their swimming kit, along with a towel. Jewellery should not be worn and must be removed before the children come to school on this day.

Home reading books!

In Y3 the children can change their reading books whenever they want to! The more reading the better! When they have completed a book, they should bring it in and put it in our reading box. We will then change the books before the end of the school day.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday for another hard working week, full of learning!

Miss Andrew 🙂

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wb22.05.17 – Year3b!


It’s been an emotional week for everyone in Manchester this week, but our children have been truly amazing – from showing great empathy and maturity when discussing the events of Monday, to releasing balloons in memory of the people who lost their lives, they werw brilliant and made me so proud to be a part of such a wonderful school community.

Our final week saw the end of our performance poetry unit and we showcased our poems to parents and carers – thank you to all the parents who came to watch, we really enjoyed performing for you. Next term we will be moving on to ‘Explanation texts’ and will be desgining our own inventions for the future, explaning how they work.

In Maths, we had a party to celebrate the end of our Maths project, where we applied all our maths skills to work out how many drinks we would need, how long the tables needed to be and how big the space would need to be to fit all of us inside. After the holidays we will be moving on to planning our own ‘Fashion Extravangza!’

Our new topic after half term is ‘Through the Decades!’ and will celebrate all aspects that have changed and evolved from the 60’s right through to present day! We will focus on music, fashion, transport, holidays and much more! It would be brill if the children could research about our new topic ready for when we come back.

Stars of the week:

Thomas – For showing great resilience during test week and ignoring distractions around him to produce some amazing test results!

Jorge – For a complete turn-around in his behaviour and working brilliantly well as a team in class!

Have a great half term everyone! We will see you after the break for our final term of year 3!

Stay safe and enjoy time with your families.

Miss Andrew 🙂

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wb15.05.17 – Year 3b!


Hi everyone!

What a fabulous week we have had in Year 3!

In English this week, the children innovated a poem called ‘The Magic Box’ and changed the name to ‘The Magic Garden’. They focused on lots of different poetic features including alliteration, onomatopoeias and repetition and have written some fantastic poems! We will be showcasing these at our very our “Performance Poetry” afternoon on Tuesday at 2pm in the junior hall. It would be lovely if you could come along to watch what the children have created!

In Maths we have been tackling word problems this week, applying our knowledge of adding and subtracting different measurements.

Our topic lessons have delved deeper into the daily life of the Vikings and we have learnt all about Viking clothes and jewellery, Viking homes, Viking food and drink and Viking fun and games! The children then made comparisons with our modern day lives!


STAR OF THE WEEK! – Jessie: For using her collaboration muscles to listen carefully and work as part of a team! Her participation in class means she is progressing herself, as well as helping others to progress too! Well done!

Please remember PE lessons are now on a Monday and Wednesday so children must have their kits on both these days!

Our library visit is this Thursday afternoon and all permission slips should now be returned. If you haven’t, please ensure the slips are returned by Monday.

Enjoy your weekend,

Miss Andrew 🙂

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wb:08.05.17 – Year 3b!


We have kicked off our new English unit with a BANG this week, looking at lots of different poems and their features including repetition, alliteration, rhyme and onomatopoeic words! Next week we are going to be focusing on ‘The Magic Box’ poem and will be inovating it to write a poem of our own called ‘The Magic Garden’ – watch this space!

In Maths this week we had a great week learning about different units of measure and how to convert them. We then took part in practical lessons to weigh items and pour different amounts of liquids into containers!

We have now moved on to learning about the Vikings in our topic lessons and so far we have looked at who they were, where they came from and what their homes were like. Next week we are moving on to looking at Viking daily life and comparing it to our modern day lives.

Our house points winner this week was team ‘Passion!’ – well done to everyone in this house!

Star of the week was Callum for always producing every piece of work to the highest of standards and using his reflective muscles to ensure all green for growths are improved with precision and care. A true role model for our class – well done Callum!

Just a reminder that we now have PE on a Monday and Wednesday and children must have their kits on both days!

Watch out for a letter coming home this week inviting you to our poetry performance during the final week of term.

Remember if you haven’t already returned your child’s library permission slip then please do so by the end of this week so your child can come to the library with us!

Parent to school day this term will be focusing on building structures using newspaper so please bring in as much as you can for the event!

See you all next week,

Miss Andrew 🙂

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